Monday, January 21, 2013



Candles flicker in the mirrored room, reflecting,

     multiplying, memorializing

Jewish children who died in the Holocaust.

Their names are called out, one by one.

Three years it takes to reach the millionth innocent victim.


Now, relatives and friends come to this memorial in Jerusalem

To pay tribute to their unwilling sacrifice.

I see their undry eyes and try to feel their pain,

But can I, really?


It's their flesh of flesh who suffered the loveless life,

The barren soul brought on by desolation, degradation,

Even worse, by hopelessness.


My mind shudders at those thoughts as I try to comprehend

The depths of the results of man's inhumanity to man, of         children slaughtered,

Of a race of people remembering.


My Christian eyes see different views; yet, we're humans all,

One part of a whole linked by an invisible Force,

And the agony which is felt by one permeates all others.


At seeing such sadness,

A part of us becomes a part of the children,

And we die a little.






  1. Such a beautiful poem on such a dark subject, Mary. Well done. My third YA time travel book touches on the pain and sensitivity of this subject and hopefully gives voice and faces to some of the victims.