Thursday, December 29, 2011


A New Year - 2012

Though the economy is low
And things are moving slow,
Be thankful if you are
Not sleeping in the snow.

And if you have some food to eat,
Plus if you're feeling not too beat,
Then you can rise
Above defeat.

If your family is nearby
Just let your spirits touch the sky
And keep on plugging
With each try.

When things are at their lowest low
There's only one place they can go
That's up, not down,
Though pacing's slow.

So let this new year be for you
All things you do wish to come true.
In 2012 a change can come
Pray God will bless us as we're due.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Poem


There are times in our lives
When we must take chances,
On people and on things.

A man came to my house
On Christmas Eve,
Asking to rake the leaves
To buy gifts for his children.

I offered a donation,
Handing him a ten-dollar bill.
"I'd rather work," he said,
Taking up his rake and
Moving sycamore leaves
To the center of the yard.

Who is this man? I wondered.
The beggar in the Bible
Came to mind, but I dismissed it.

When he was done,
I gave him half of my homemade fruitcake.
Eyes focused on the ground, he said,
"I hope the work I've done
Equals the love you've shown to me.

My "Merry Christmas" was a greeting
To the Jesus in all men.

Mary S. Palmer

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