Sunday, May 27, 2012

My play, MURDER MOST SOUTHERN, at the Mobile Carnival Museum May 26, was a sell-out and a huge success. The well-cast actors and actresses did a superb job as did the director Virginia McKean. All had a great time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The men and women who serve
In the military
Deserve our respect and thanks.

They give up "normal" lives
To protect us,
And keep us out of harm's way.

Whatever branch they choose,
The Army, Navy or Marines,
They guard the U.S. shores and interior.

They also fight on foreign soil,
Far from home,
Keeping the enemy from our land.

They secure our country's freedom,
Sometimes at the cost
Of their own lives.

Remember them Memorial Day
And say a prayer
For their safety as they serve.

Mary S. Palmer

Five members of my family served in the military, some during wars. Fortunately, they arrived home intact. They gave up some of the best years of their lives to protect our freedom in the United States of America. I honor them and thank them. I also salute all who have served in the past and those who are serving in these trying times. May God bless them and keep them safe.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

To the Schumann Music Club of Mobile, established 1894. Member of the National Federation of Music Clubs dedicated to the preservation of classical music.

I raise my eyes to heaven,
And music makes my soul sing
When I hear the tone
Of violin strings.

My heavy heart is soothed
By a song
That's light and gay;
It shows the way.

And the playing of a piano,
In tune and sync,
Can quickly take me
To the brink.

Oh, what can so inspire,
Or lift our spirits higher,
Than well-presented music
That sets our hearts on fire?

Life has its problems
That all must face,
But music can refresh us,
And set such things in place.

In music, there is beauty.
In music, there is prayer.
It soothes; it offers comfort.
Let's keep it everywhere.

Mary S. Palmer

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A long time ago, I was at a convention and heard a speaker say, "I must have time to think, for doing gets in the way." Those words stuck with me.

Especially in today's world of constantly changing, complex technology and multi-tasking, we tend to "do" all the time. Sometimes we take action before even considering exactly what we want to accomplish or how it can best be achieved.

Is this productive? Or is planning an important part of reaching goals? What comes to mind is another expression: Getting there is half the fun.
I think that could be true in work-related efforts as well as in other areas of our lives.

Thinking things out may be harder than just taking action, but it may prove to be more efficient.

When writing, I don't make an outline on paper, but I have a sketchy one in my head. While I let my characters lead the plot forward, I still keep my eye on them to be sure they're going in a logical direction. I have to "think" it out before I "do" put words on paper. If I let what the characters are "doing" get in the way of what they're "thinking", readers would probably be confused.

Thinking takes time and effort but it's worth it. I agree with the speaker: I should take time to think and prevent doing from getting in the way.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Mother's Last Thoughts

Arthritic fingers dance across
The restraining tray of the Gerry chair,
Making crochet loops or
Knitting one and purling two.

Once in a while
Vacant eyes raise and
A week voice begs,
"Where are the children?"

No longer can her head
Be held high; it slumps again
And the fingers work
What was once their magic.

No doily will result
From the energy expended
But those treasured objects from the past
Will keep their places of honor.

With great effort
Remembered responsibility again
Brings the question:
"Where are the children?"

A Mother

Mothers who care
Want things for their children
They didn't have.
A good education,
Or piano, guitar or dancing lessons,
Maybe a course in art.

They may also want
To share parental love
Missing in their own lives.

With God as the center
Such love can be shared
And reach others by extension.

MSP - 5/2/12