Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A long time ago, I was at a convention and heard a speaker say, "I must have time to think, for doing gets in the way." Those words stuck with me.

Especially in today's world of constantly changing, complex technology and multi-tasking, we tend to "do" all the time. Sometimes we take action before even considering exactly what we want to accomplish or how it can best be achieved.

Is this productive? Or is planning an important part of reaching goals? What comes to mind is another expression: Getting there is half the fun.
I think that could be true in work-related efforts as well as in other areas of our lives.

Thinking things out may be harder than just taking action, but it may prove to be more efficient.

When writing, I don't make an outline on paper, but I have a sketchy one in my head. While I let my characters lead the plot forward, I still keep my eye on them to be sure they're going in a logical direction. I have to "think" it out before I "do" put words on paper. If I let what the characters are "doing" get in the way of what they're "thinking", readers would probably be confused.

Thinking takes time and effort but it's worth it. I agree with the speaker: I should take time to think and prevent doing from getting in the way.

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