Saturday, May 19, 2012

To the Schumann Music Club of Mobile, established 1894. Member of the National Federation of Music Clubs dedicated to the preservation of classical music.

I raise my eyes to heaven,
And music makes my soul sing
When I hear the tone
Of violin strings.

My heavy heart is soothed
By a song
That's light and gay;
It shows the way.

And the playing of a piano,
In tune and sync,
Can quickly take me
To the brink.

Oh, what can so inspire,
Or lift our spirits higher,
Than well-presented music
That sets our hearts on fire?

Life has its problems
That all must face,
But music can refresh us,
And set such things in place.

In music, there is beauty.
In music, there is prayer.
It soothes; it offers comfort.
Let's keep it everywhere.

Mary S. Palmer

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