Saturday, January 12, 2013


Much to my chagrin, I didn't get much writing done during my Christmas break from teaching. We all think we don't have enough time to do this, or do that, including writing. Actually, we all make time for the things we really want to accomplish. I'd planned to write every day and end up with several chapters of my sequel to my science-fiction novel TIME WILL TELL. Did I? No.
Of course, I can come up with a million excuses, unexpected interruptions, but most of them are just that--excuses. I let other things occupy my time. I did get some writing done, I just didn't meet the goals I'd set for myself.
The real question is what am I going to do about it? How can I get back on track? The answer is simple: Try again. We can't live our lives backward, so we may as well go forward. Besides, we always learn something from such experiences. What did I learn? I learned that having extra time does not mean I'll use it to achieve my goals. I also learned that I work best under pressure. Hopefully, I will use that information to my best advantage.

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