Friday, April 4, 2014



New Life

Weather warms and

Hearts overflow

With love.


New life refreshes

As flowers break out

In their blossoms.


April showers

Water and nourish

Plants bursting alive.


People, too,

Become refreshed

And revitalized.


The Earth

Renews itself

In the springtime.

April Fool's Day, or All Fool's Day, reportedly began in the Middle Ages in Europe. Some claim it started with the Romans. So, we had mischief-makers way back in time. The pranks vary from a Kick Me sign sneaked onto the back of a shirt, to a phone call asking for help when none is needed. It's all done for fun. No harm is intended. And we all fall for these jokes. Just this morning, I was thinking about what April Fool's tricks I might encounter today when I got an E-mail. It was from a doctor who elaborated on how he gained more time by finding a drug that allowed him rest without sleep. He claimed he got down to two hours a night. I was beginning to wonder about the safety and sanity of taking this drug when his writing took a turn. He said he discovered how it was to be on the receiving end of psychiatric help. Then the twist: APRIL'S FOOL. GOTCHA!

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