Friday, June 29, 2012


This acronym expresses what I think it means to be a Musan:

M - means many genres of writings are published
U - shows unity between writers and the publisher
S - proves that satisfaction is insured
A - is for added perks
N - means nothing is withheld

Since I like to write in different genres, this is important to me. I also appreciate having a camaraderie with people at all levels of publishing and to know they want to satisfy both their authors and their readers. Other added perks include the Yahoo e-mail group where ideas are exchanged and blog sites are available. It's a plus, too, to have facts and figures regarding sales always available to authors.

Musa has already released two of my books--TIME WILL TELL (science-fiction) and TO CATCH A FISH (a novel, co-authored with David V. Wilton),  with a sequel, entitled BAITING THE HOOK, due for release November 30, 2012. I feel confident that my books are in the best hands with MUSA PUBLISHING COMPANY. Please see Musa's "About Us" section on their webpage for further information.


  1. Ah, you hooked me with the acrostic, Mary. I'm always a sucker for those. Very creative. I hope all your books are huge successes.

  2. Loved the acronym thing. Very creative.

  3. Very well done. Short and sweet. I too have enjoyed being a Musan, even thought I'm still waiting to get my first book published.